How to Make a Website Free and Approve Adsense in 2023

If are you serious about knowing How to Make a Website Free and Approve Adsense in 2023 then welcome to our article. In this article, we will discuss how to create a free website and earn money through Google AdSense.

The new opportunities provided by the internet might now enable you to construct a free website and earn money. It may sound too wonderful to be true, but it is!

Whether you want to create a website and generate money for free as a side hustle or as your primary source of income, the internet can teach you a variety of ways to make money online.

Whatever your passion is, whether it’s writing, music, or marketing, the web has opened up new opportunities for you to develop free websites and earn money.

People frequently inquire, “How to Create a FREE Website?”

Here is the solution to the question of how to make a free website and earn money online from it.

How to Make a Website Free and Approve Adsense in 2023

It only takes three simple steps:

  • Choose any website creation platform.
  • Sign up for free and select your own subdomain.
  • Begin here: Create and launch your website.

1. (Blogspot)

Blogger is a completely free platform. As the name implies, Google introduced it primarily to encourage blogging and bloggers. hosts all of its web pages and blogs on servers owned by Google.

You can make a free website with Blogger’s extension example, if you choose the name “Digitalzaid,” your website URL will be “”

Blogger includes a selection of prebuilt themes to help you build and style your blog.

However, it is not a suitable choice for a company website. Because it has limitations and constraints.

Blogger Pros :

  • The setup is simple.
  • fewer technical
  • Completely free
  • For monetization, you can use a Google ads program

Blogger Cons :

  • Not at all professional.
  • You must deal with the Blogspot extension.
  • Not appropriate for corporate websites.
  • Features are limited.

Google Adsense Approved :

Once you’ve begun to receive a reasonable number of visitors from search engines to your BlogSpot blogs, you can apply for AdSense to begin earning money.

Do not apply for AdSense unless you are getting in at least 300-400 unique visits every day. Otherwise, getting your account accepted will be quite difficult.

2. WordPress:

WordPress is the most popular and one of the world’s top CMS (Content management systems). is primarily a blogging platform with its own set of plans and hosting.

It does, however, provide a free plan, but it has numerous limitations. You must purchase a premium subscription if you want your personalized domain name. adverts may appear on your website, but no revenue will be shared with you.

To display your advertising, you must first join the WordAds advertisement program, where you will share money with them. advantages :

  • It is ideal for casual bloggers.
  • The free plan provides up to 3 GB of storage space.
  • You can design your website with free themes. disadvantages :

  • You will not be able to utilize your custom domain; instead, the website URL will be something like If you desire your domain name, you must move from a free to a paid plan.
  • Ads will be placed on your site, but you will not be paid for them. You must purchase a premium plan to remove these advertisements.
  • Methods of monetization are limited. If you want to display advertisements, you must first sign up with WordPress, where you will share money with

Unlike, you CANNOT upload plugins or themes.

  • This severely limits design and customization options.
  • According to their policy, they can erase your entire site at any time.
  • Powered by WordPress’ will appear on your website

Google Adsense :

Begin by writing for one or more months.

Create consistent WordPress posts. Create fantastic content and optimize the SEO of your WordPress posts. Make your website responsive after you’ve completed SEO. Then just sign up for Google AdSense.

If your material is good, traffic will come! So, by using this strategy, you can earn a lot in just two or three months.

3. Wix

Wix is another well-known and reputable website builder. It is a simple website builder for beginners. One feature that distinguishes it from others is its drag-and-drop functionality.

You can monetize your website with some restrictions. You will have access to over 500 free templates. However, once you’ve chosen a template and launched the website, you won’t be able to modify it again.

Wix Advantages :

  • Simple and suitable for beginners.
  • With a free plan, you can create a website for free.
  • Drag and Drop editing makes it simpler.

Wix dis-advantages :

  • There is no assistance with the free plan.
  • Only premium plans include advanced features.
  • After the website goes live, the template cannot be modified.

Can I make money with a free Wix website?

Yes, my buddy, but only if you get a lot of traffic on a daily basis, because you can’t make money from your website until it gets traffic.

Registering as a publisher in one of the advertising networks is one option to monetize your website.

Where there is an advertising network called StudAds (search for StudAds in Google), and this network processes and accepts requests to join in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, what distinguishes this network from other advertising networks is that the cost per click is high, allowing you to earn a good income in a short period of time.


In this article, we told you about 3 platforms, with the help of which you can earn money through AdSense by creating a website for free.

If you haven’t launched a free website/blog yet, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible.

Can I create a free website And Earn money?

Yes, you can create a free website and generate money for free as a side hustle or as your primary source of income.

Can I get AdSense approval for a Free Website?

It does not matter whether your website is free or paid, if the traffic is coming to your website, then your website will be approved by Adsense.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Profitable Blog?

It took them 6 months to a year to start making money from their blog. This time period fluctuates according to how good your Strategy is and how much time and work you put in each week.

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