Earn Money from Instagram Reels New Monetization Feature

Do you want to earn money from Instagram Reels New Monetization Feature? now Instagram is giving you lakhs of rupees as a bonus? 

Right now I have 5 to 6 pages of Instagram which I am working on, so I will be able to tell you better through this article That’s how you too can take advantage of this feature of Instagram and earn millions of rupees through Reels Play bonus.  

Instagram has launched a new program, which has just been launched in India. What is the benefit of this feature to the creators, we will tell you about it,

you must have heard the name TikTok some time ago, which became very popular in a very short time and you all know what happened after that.

It is that the Government of India banned it in India, after that youtube, Facebook, and Instagram wanted this traffic to come towards them, then all of them launched the feature of their short videos which Instagram named Reels. 

Let me tell you that the Instagram Reels Play Bonus launched the program. There is going to be a lot of benefit to the user, if you want to earn a lot of money through this, then you read our article completely.

Earn Money from Instagram Reels New Monetization Feature

You will have to start making reels. The better content you create, the more Instagram will be able to earn Reels bonus on the basis of the content, and in return for the same bonus, Instagram will give you money and you can make an income source through Instagram. 

You have some points in front of you:

  • What is an Instagram reel bonus?
  • How to get a reel bonus, and who is Eligible for it?
  • How to get money from an Instagram reel bonus?
  • How to check Eligibility for an Instagram reel bonus?

What is Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

Instagram just launched a new feature that is called the Reel Play Bonus program.

In this program, you will able to get money for Instagram promoting your video, and you will get a bonus for watching more of your video which will become a source of your earnings.

Rules for Instagram Reel Official Guideline

How to get a reel bonus, and who is eligible for it?

on Instagram, you will get a reel bonus for making more reels. That means the more you make reels and if your reels get thousands or millions of views then it is possible that you do too. This feature should be found in your Instagram profile. 

This Reels Play Bonus is available only for those who have a creator account and business account on Instagram,

Maybe this program is not available for you at the moment, Instagram did not make this program available in all languages ​​but In the coming time, this program will be available in all languages, Instagram does not upload any such reels on the company brand will not be eligible for this bonus program.

You will have to fulfill all the requirements, conditions, and rules of the bonus program to get the bonus, only then you will be eligible for this bonus. 

When you join the bonus programs then you will get all this information

if you do something wrong and If you make dirty or disturbing videos will not give a bonus for this. You will have to upload reel videos on Whenever Instagram uploads reel videos, your video must be original, no one else’s videos will be eligible for the bonus. 

How to get money from the Instagram reels bonus

The traffic (views) you will get on the video of your reels, you will be able to get this bonus from those views if you want to earn more then you should make more and more reels

Step by Step guide to checking Instagram Reels Play Bonus:

If you are on Instagram If you want to check whether you have got reel bonus or not, then first open your Instagram and go to the section with your profile, on that you will see 3 dots on the top, after clicking on it select the setting option. Do, in which you will see the section of the creator,

Click on it, and you will get to see some such interfaces, and here you can check whether you have got the bonus program through Instagram or not.

If you have got the bonus feature. So you are very lucky and those who have not got this feature will have to wait for a little longer, so you just keep working and keep making original and quality reels, you will also get this feature soon.            


Hope you liked this article and you will enjoy this article on Instagram You must have got complete information about the new feature of the Reels Play bonus and if even after this you have any questions in your mind then you can tell us by commenting and yes share this blog with your friends so that those people too You can know about the new feature and earn money from Instagram


1. Which people will get the Instagram reels play bonus?

Instagram reel’s play bonus is that you must have a creator or business account, and those people can take advantage of this bonus.

 2. How much money can creators earn from Instagram Reels play bonus Program?

If you are eligible for this bonus, then you get a limit from $ 1000 to $ 5000, that too for 28 days, in which you have to upload maximum reels within 28 days so that you can transfer this money to your account. 

3. Why didn’t all creators in India get this Instagram play bonus?

Not everyone in India has got this bonus feature yet because Instagram is currently testing this feature but it is expected that all creators can get this bonus soon

4. How many followers do you need to get the Instagram bonus?

Instagram has already eliminated this problem, to get this bonus it is not necessary how many followers you have, this feature only works on views.
Because I have seen many of my friends whose Instagram only has 2k or so. There are only 3k followers, yet they have got this feature and there are many creators who have followers of millions but they did not get this bonus feature, so from this, we know that you have to get this bonus. It is not necessary to have many followers.

5. How to check Instagram play bonus?

Instagram is eligible for the bonus program or not, go to your Instagram profile and click on the setting, inside which you will see the option of creator, click on it, and if the bonus option is coming there then you can go for it is eligible.

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