YouTube Equipment for Beginners: Ultimate Guide for 2023

Hi guys, today we are going to tell you some interesting things about YouTube Equipment for Beginners, this blog is going to be very special for those who want to become successful on Youtube.

Mostly, Beginners who are new YouTubers, those people do their 100% hard work in youtube videos but they do not get so many views, the main reason is that their video quality and Voice quality is not so good because they shoot their video mobile camera and record their voice in earphones and mobile microphone, which is very low in quality. Because those people do not get so many views on their videos.

Professional YouTubers shoots their video with DSLR and record their voice with Professional mic, their quality comes from 4K to 8K, and crispy voice so they get views in million,

So now we are going to tell you, which professional YouTuber use which camera, and currently which new camera and mic have been launched which is best for youtube video?

YouTube Equipment for Beginners

YouTube Equipment for Beginners
  1. Camera
  2. Microphone

Best Camera for YouTube Beginners:

But before taking the camera, there are some basic things that you people need to know if you are buying a first-time camera for yourself, and it is our duty to tell you.

  1. Focus
  2. Processor
  3. ISO
  4. Compatibility
  5. connectivity

Focus: focus plays the main important role in the camera, before the camera, we should see how much better focus technology we are getting in it, because the more focus points, the better your picture quality will be. focus shifting technology, because how much focus has to be shifted in the video Smoothly the focus goes from one person to another object to another person overall you want to see an all-rounder camera if you want to do photography then it should work well if you want to do videography then it should work well too

Processor: Cameras also have processors, the better the processor you take, the better the camera will work. Do not take cameras of more old processors. You can take cameras of processors older than 1 to 2 years. You cannot take cameras of processors older than that. Taking a camera more than 2 years old causes heat problems and that camera lags a lot, so you have to take the latest processor, only the latest processor will give you fast and smooth service.

ISO: You must know all about ISO settings, so in our camera, we have to keep in mind that the more ISO we get, the more it is good for us, by increasing the ISO, the low light photo also becomes very good.

Compatibility: This is an important point, we have to see that our camera is compatible with which lenses, which lenses will be easily installed in it, like wide angle lens, prime lens, our camera should be multiple lenses compatible, apart from this, there should also be Mic Compatibility and Gimbal Compatibility should also be.

Connectivity: There should also be a Type C port for connectivity, there should also be an option for Bluetooth WiFi, so that you can easily transfer photos or videos to your phone or your device, because taking out the memory card, again and again, takes out both the memory card ports And the memory card is lost and there is a high possibility of getting damaged, apart from this, there should be the connectivity of mic in your camera and there should also be the connectivity of audio jack.

What is the best 3 HD DSLR Camera for recording Youtube videos?

1. Canon EOS 3000D:

Canon EOS 3000D

Canon EOS 3000D

18MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) with 18-55mm II Lens, 16GB Card, and Carry Case

Model NameCanon EOS 3000D
Form FactorHand held; Tripod mount
Effective Still Resolution18
Special Feature18.0 megapixels
Connector TypeWi-Fi
Screen Size2.7 Inches
Photo Sensor SizeAPS-C
Item Weight1.54 Kilograms
Credit Amazon

2. Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500

with AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens Digital SLR Camera

Model NameD3500
Form FactorDSLR
Effective Still Resolution24.2 MP
Special FeatureSpecial effects modes (night vision; super vivid; pop; photo illustration; toy camera effect; miniature effect; selective color; silhouette; high key; low key)
Optical Zoom3 x
Connector TypeBluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
Screen Size3 Inches
Photo Sensor SizeAPS-C fps
credit goes to amazon

2. Canon EOS 200D II

Canon EOS 200D II

24.1MP Digital SLR Camera + EF-S 18-55mm f4 is STM Lens (Black)

Model NameEOS 200D II
Form FactorDSLR
Effective Still Resolution24.1 MP
Special FeatureEye Detection Auto Focus, Wi-Fi, 3 Inches Display
Optical Zoom3 x
Connector TypeWi-Fi
Screen Size3 Inches
Photo Sensor Size1.5-inch
credit goes to amazon

What is a Good 3 Microphone for YouTube videos:

Now I am going to tell you the Best top 5 mics. for youtube beginners When it comes to youtube videos, you would need some things in which you would have a camera and mic. Both are needed, a blog has been written before about top video cameras for youtube, which you can read on our site, so now it comes to a good mic.

So today you have 3 best mics in front of you. Which is easily available from amazon, which you get with the best features, whose quality is also very good.

1. Boya BY M1 Mic

Boya BY M1 Mic

boya m1 mkic

Pro Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with Gain control

You can connect this mic to your mobile, with your camera, or with your laptop or computer, with this mic of boya you get 20 feet long cable, and because of this 20 feet cable you can record your video which you can shoot smoothly and you can also move around while shooting video as 20 feet range is the very long range for your video suit even if your camera or audio recorder is far away you can comfortably record audio in it can do.

And in its packet, you also get the user guide and in this, you will get a clip to attach the mic. Also available and a quarter-inch adapter mic form and a battery.

The battery of this mic lasts for 6 to 8 months, There is a switch on the top of this mic which works in two turn modes one of which is used for mobile computer or its use One end is used for audio recording while the other end is used for the camera.

The review of this mic is very positive people use those people review that this mic background music when it removes background sound absolutely and records your voice very clearly and clearly it can pick up your tone Records clearly I have a budget range microphone it will cost you around Rs 1000 and this microphone will be available on Amazon and other card websites.

If you record audio by attaching this mic to your mobile or computer, then this mic will make your audio much better. By the way, you can also record your audio from your mobile, but in this, the sound of background music is more and with this mic, you get that background music and the sound that comes around you completely stops and your Voice comes out perfectly clear, sometimes your standard camera app can’t support this mic, but if you use the third-party camera app, this mic will work smoothly in it.

2. Fifine K690 mic for better understanding your voice

Fifine K690 Mic

Fifine K690

USB Studio Recording Microphone Computer Podcast Mic

This mic is a very good mic for face-to-face interviews, this is the best budget mic for broadcasting on youtube or for gaming, inside this mic you will also get a user guide and in this, you will get a great copper cable, one end of which cause type and another v3 cable is available.

And it’s cable length is also very good along with you also get an adjustable stand which makes it even more attractive its build quality is amazing and it is a completely metal made mic, The capsule is quite large, which is designed for clear voice records and it can easily capture distant voices.

Inside this mic, you get some options, out of which the option of a headphone volume controller is available. And on top of this mic, you also get a mute button and along with that you also get an LED light on top of it which lights up when the power is on.

If you talk about the lower side of this mic, then you will get 2 ports, for the v3 cable that comes with this mic, you will get 1 port, one end of which is USB, the other you have to use, you will get the headphone port in it and on the bottom.

You will also get the hall to put the same screw that you can fix the mic and in this, you get the option of microphone gain so that you can hear soft voice talk and if that speeds up the game your voice will make it very clear below this you get pickup pattern switch you get 4 types of the pattern out of which the first pattern is stereo this pattern is to record surround sound and second is pattern Omni and third is card record and fourth by directional.

This pattern is able to take face-to-face interviews its build quality is awesome so let’s talk about how to use this mic first of all insert the cable in the port of all V3 on its bottom side and Plug the other end of this cable which is USB into your computer or laptop. After that press the power button of this mic. Only after doing this the mic will be on it is very easy to use and you will find it on Amazon. and can be easily found

3. Maono AU-A04 Mic

Maono AU-A04

Maono AU-A04

Condenser Microphone Kit (Black)

I personally use this mic, and it’s really value for money and an awesome mic for podcasts and home studios.

This is a very good mic for a home studio, inside the box you get a pop filter, you get a build filter, also you get a user manual and inside it, you get a great stand, this stand is on the table and Fits easily and this stand can rotate 360-degree angle and this stand also bends easily and it comes with a to b cable and with this you get a great mount which you can set up your mic Will be done.

Now we will tell you how to set it, first of all, you have to fit the stand above your table, then fit the mount of the mic above that stand, now by pressing both the clips of this mount you can place your mic fit inside it as if your mic fits properly.

Now you put the filter made of the form on top of the mic, now on which side do you fit the pop filter on top of the stand, put the pin in the bottom part of the mic Give, and attach its other end which is the USB which you got in its box, attach it to your computer or laptop. Now your mic is completely ready.

keep one thing in mind from the side you will speak, keep the front part of the mic, to know the front part, the logo of Maono is made on the mic, it is in front of it.

The design of this mic is very premium the build quality is excellent this is a condenser mic this mic has true voice capture only for the front side so that all the back sound is not recorded and your voice in front is very clear. Recorded, Built-in filter makes your voice clear.

This mic is made of all metal, This mic will easily capture your low voice, You can use this mic for online meetings live streaming, live gaming, face-to-face interview video, conferencing, podcasting and for great singing, you can use this mic you will easily find it on amazon.

So guys this is the best YouTube Equipment for beginners who want to boost their youtube channel with produce quality content and becoming successful on the youtube platform.

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