How to Upload YouTube Shorts | Viral 15+ YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023

This is the ultimate guide for How to Upload YouTube Shorts, Viral 15+ YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023, How to Download YouTube Shorts(Best YouTube Shorts Download App), and it gives you viral 15+ YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023.

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2 Viral 15+ YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023

So, friends, nowadays YouTube shorts have become a very good method to earn money online, many people are earning lakhs of rupees very easily with the help of YouTube shorts.

If you want to earn money from YouTube shorts, then for this you have to make a short channel on YouTube, but now the competition on YouTube has increased so much that it is not understood what kind of YouTube shorts channel to make and how to upload youtube shorts.

So to remove this confusion, in this article I will tell you a proper guide for uploading Youtube shorts and 15 YouTube Shorts channel ideas, by working on which you can earn lakhs of rupees. But you can start working and generate a very good income, so read this article completely.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts

So friends, now many people are searching on google and youtube that how you can upload youtube shorts from a computer or laptop. (how to upload youtube shorts by computer and laptop? )

So if you want to upload shorts from a computer or laptop, then you should know some basic information like what kind of video is eligible for youtube shorts, now all of you will know this. That your youtube shorts video should be shorter than 60 seconds, but just as every angel Priya id girl on Facebook does not have a youtube shorts video,

How to Upload YouTube Shorts

Similarly, every video shorter than 60 seconds is not a youtube shorts video. So if you want your youtube shorts video to be uploaded as a short on your channel, then for this you have to take care of these two things.

Keep these two important things in mind:-

  • Your youtube shorts video should be vertical ie your video should be in a 9*16 ratio.
  • Your short video should be less than 60 seconds i.e. maximum can be of 58 seconds.

So now let’s know how youtube shorts are uploaded from pc or laptop (how to upload youtube shorts by computer and laptop?)

Follow these steps to upload YouTube Shorts from a PC or Laptop:

  1. First of all, you have to open the chrome browser on your computer or laptop.
  2. After this, you have to go to your youtube dashboard in your browser.
  3. Now you have to click on the option of uploading a video on your youtube dashboard and select your shorts video and upload the video
  4. After this, your short video will start uploading till you have to write the title and description of your short video.
  5. Remember, you must put #shorts in the title of your short video so that your video will go to the short feed as soon as it is uploaded.
  6. After writing the title and description, you can also put tags in your short video if you want.
  7. After doing all this, you publish your short video.
  8. Now you can check by going to your youtube channel, your short video has been uploaded as short on youtube.

So friends, in this way you can upload your short video from your computer or laptop.

How to Viral Your Short Videos:

Now you must have learned how to upload youtube shorts from your computer or laptop, but after learning this, there is another problem related to youtube shorts, about which people search a lot and that is that youtube shorts How to make the video viral, for this also I give you some tips which if you follow then your shorts video will definitely go viral.

How to Viral Short Videos

Here are some tips to make a YouTube shorts video viral:

1. Create Unique and Engaging Content: If you want your short video to go viral, then you have to create unique and engaging content. Now most of the short’s creators feel that in order to make the shorts video viral, they should upload the maximum amount of shorts, even if the content of those shorts videos is useless, but this is absolutely wrong, in this way, no matter how many shorts you make and upload Do it, nothing is going to happen, yes, one or two of your videos may go viral, but in this way, you will not be able to create a valuable audience on your youtube channel. If you want to brand your youtube channel, then you have to create unique and valuable content.

2. Use Keywords & Tags: While uploading your shorts video, you have to use the correct keywords and tags in it, many creators make this mistake while uploading their shorts video, they do not write the title, or description correctly in their shorts video Neither do you put the right tags, you do not have to make this mistake, now if you are thinking that how to find viral tags for shorts video, then for this I will suggest you a website called with the help of this website You can easily find viral tags for your youtube shorts.

3. Upload Shorter Video: You have to upload a short video on your YouTube channel, now you must be thinking that we already know this, so wait, have some patience, actually I meant to say that you have to keep the length of your short video short. That is, you have to keep the length of your short video to 15 to 30 seconds, this will make your short video viral quickly and the reason behind this is that you get more audience retention on short videos with the short length, due to which youtube recommends that video.

4. Upload Shorts Consistently: They say consistency is the key to success, consistency is very important to make your shorts video viral and to gain subscribers on your channel if you have consistency on your youtube channel Daily shorts will have to be uploaded only then your shorts videos will go viral and subscribers will also increase on your youtube channel and I am speaking from my personal experience because I also have a fact channel (Digital zaid 2.0) on youtube on which I regularly Uploading shorts videos and working with consistency in the same way, I have also completed 2 thousand subscribers on youtube channel, now you must be wondering why I am telling you my achievements, then I just want to tell you that if If you work consistently, then your shorts video will definitely go viral and thousands of subscribers will increase on your youtube channel.

Viral 15+ YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023

15+ YouTube Shorts Ideas in 2023

Here are 15 YouTube Shorts channel ideas :

1. Tech Hack Short Channel:

If you have more interest in technology then you can create this type of YouTube Shorts channel, in this, you have to tell about hacks related to technology like how to use hidden features of iPhone or how to virus from a computer Remove, etc.

Tech Hack Short Channel

Apart from this, you can also tell about any hacks and tips, and tricks related to tech, and let me tell you that this type of YouTube Channel gets a lot of views.

2. How To Tutorial Shorts Channel:

Content like how-to tutorials is seen a lot every day on YouTube, so you can gain good Subscribers and views in a few months by making such a short channel on YouTube and making tutorial shorts on it. yes, You just have to create informative content, which means whatever tutorial you are going to tell in your short videos, the Audience should get some value from it.

How To Tutorial Shorts Channel

Only then your shorts channel will grow quickly, now you must be thinking that what kind of how-to tutorial shorts you should make, then for this I give you some ideas which will help you a little.
here are a few ideas for how-to videos:

• Technology Tutorial: If you have more interest in technology, then you can make related tutorial short videos from the technology you can tell about how to use the new features of a smartphone or you can tell about any software.

• Cooking Tutorial: Many people enjoy eating food, and many people have more fun cooking, if you also like cooking, then you can make related short videos from this Cooking, in which you can make people eat You can teach them to become.

• Fitness And Workout Tutorial: After Coronavirus most people do home workouts only, so in this way, you can make fitness related Workout Tutorial shorts nowadays fitness related content is running a lot on youtube, so you are also in this flowing Ganga. You can wash your hands I mean you can go viral by making such short videos.

3. Comedy Shorts Channel:

Most of the audience comes to YouTube to be entertained, so you can take advantage of this, you can make funny short videos on YouTube like vines video or prank videos and I will tell you that these types of shorts videos go viral very quickly.

Comedy Shorts Channel

You will find many such shorts channels on YouTube, which make funny vines videos, for example, there is an Indian youtube shorts channel called Sevengers, perhaps you will already know about it and if you do not know, then I will tell you that this channel But funny shorts videos are uploaded and this channel has completed 12.3 million subscribers in a very short time.

So you too can grow your channel by making such funny short videos.

4. Facts Shorts Channel:

In recent times, facts shorts are running a lot on YouTube, so if you create a facts shorts channel and upload regular facts videos on it, then in a very short time you can gain millions of subscribers and views.

You can find many fact channels that make short videos and their videos get millions of views, for example, there is a fact channel named Right To Sikhsha, which uploads shorts videos related to facts, and on their videos Views come in millions, the special thing about this channel is that it tells any fact in the form of the storyline and that is why its videos are very interesting.

Facts Shorts Channel

Our Fact Channel: Digital Zaid 2.0

So if you can also present the facts in this way, then go to YouTube now, make a short channel, and start working hard.

5. Memes Shorts channel:

If you want to grow on youtube without much effort, then this is a very good shorts channel idea, you can create your own memes channel on Youtube and upload memes videos on it and within a few months You can grow the channel.

Memes Shorts channel

Now you must be wondering what kind of meme shorts we should upload, so don’t worry, I will tell you, first of all, you have to catch any popular YouTuber, cut a clip from one of their videos, and create a meme out of it.

And you have to upload it on your channel and remember while uploading the video, you have to mention the name of that YouTuber in the title of your video, this will make your meme video viral quickly.

6. Gaming Shorts channel:

This is also a very good shorts channel category, you can make a gaming shorts channel, and now you must be wondering how gaming will happen in shorts, then let me tell you that there are many gaming creators on YouTube who are dedicated to the gameplay.

Gaming Shorts channel

Putting up shorts and if there is any new update related to gaming, then you are telling about it by making shorts, then you too can grow on YouTube by making such gaming shorts, and according to a report, the scope of the gaming industry in the coming time There is going to be a lot of growth in India.

So if you have an interest in gaming, then go to youtube and create your own shorts channel and start working.

7. Mini Vlogs:

Mini vlogs are going on very much on YouTube today, you will find many such vloggers on youtube who make mini vlogs and they have grown their shorts channel in a few months, so you too like them.

Mini vlogs

By creating a mini vlogs channel and uploading shorts vlogs on it, you can grow on youtube in a short time, now you must be thinking that what kind of mini vlogs should we make? So you can tell about your lifestyle in your mini vlogs or you can go to some famous place and tell about that place, you can tell about your street foods, etc.

Millions of views come on this type of content, so you do not need to think whether your videos will get views or not, you just have to put regular videos and work with consistency.

8. Gadget Review Short Channel:

Friends, there are many such channels on youtube that review gadgets and earn millions of rupees without AdSense.

There are many such products on amazon whose price is less but they are very useful, people are afraid to buy them because they think that these products will be good or not, should they buy or not, for this they first look on youtube like this If you see reviews of gadgets and then buy that gadget, then you can take advantage of this thing, you can create a shorts channel on youtube and review gadgets on it.

Gadget Review Short Channel:

Along with this, you can earn lakhs of rupees every month from an amazon affiliate by giving the affiliate link of those gadgets in your description.

9. Online Earning Tips Shorts Channel:

Every day people search on youtube that how to earn money online, then you can give tips by making shorts videos about how to earn money online on youtube like you can about any application You can tell me or you can tell about any website on which you can earn money online.

Online Earning Tips Shorts Channel

So this is also a great shorts channel idea, so you can create a shorts channel like this.

10. Photo & Video Editing Tips Shorts Channel:

If you know photo editing or video editing then you can create a short channel like this on youtube and share photo editing or video editing tips there.

There are many people like me who want to learn video editing or photo editing but they do not have enough money to buy a professional editing course, so they take the help of youtube. And perhaps this is the reason that millions of views come on short videos related to video editing and photo editing on youtube.

So if you have video editing or photo editing skills, then quickly go to youtube and make a short channel and start work.

11. News Shorts Channel:

This type of news shorts channel is very much on youtube but still you can grow on youtube by making a news channel because this is such a channel category of youtube on which you will get full content And that’s why you will never be short of content on this category.

News Shorts Channel

But if you create such a short channel, then you have to be aware of the internet all the time so that whenever any latest news comes, you can make a video on it first. Due to this, the chances of your video going viral also increase a lot.

12. Finance & Business Shorts Channel:

If you have knowledge of finance, business, and investment, then you can create a short channel where you can tell people about these finance or ideas of business startups.

Finance & Business Shorts Channel

Apart from this, you can tell people about the investment that where should we invest money. Right now there are very few channels of such shorts on YouTube which tell about finance or business, so if you have knowledge of all these things then this can be a great shorts channel idea for you.

13. Astrology Shorts Channel:

If you have a little knowledge of astrology, then you can create such a short channel and upload shorts on that channel, in which you can tell about the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, apart from this you can tell about the horoscope.

Astrology Shorts Channel

According to my research, There are many people in India who like to watch videos related to astrology.

14. Pets Shorts Channel:

Many people are fond of raising dogs, raising cats, or any other pet, then such people like watching related videos from pets, so you can create such a short channel on youtube.

Pets Shorts Channel

You can upload interesting videos related to pets you can make a shorts video while doing a fun activity with a pet and upload it on youtube or you can give tips related to pet care and I am 100% sure that such videos are seen a lot on youtube and that is why such shorts videos also go viral very quickly.

You can also affiliate very well on this type of pet channel, there are many pet products available on Amazon, and by selling them you can generate good income.

15. Roast Shorts Channel:

If you enjoy roasting someone and your sense of humor is good then you can make a shorts roast channel.

Roast Shorts Channel

There are a lot of long channels for roasting on youtube like carryminati, lakshay choudhary, thugesh, elvish yadav, etc channel but the shorts channel is very minimum, so if you make such a shorts channel and put roasting videos on it then say with guarantee that Your channel will grow very quickly.

16. Magic Tricks Shorts Channel:

If you know magic tricks, then you can make this type of shorts channel and put shorts videos of magic tricks on it and gain a lot of views and subscribers because people like to watch such videos very much and like this Videos also go viral very quickly because there is more audience retention on videos of magic tricks.

Magic Tricks Shorts Channel

But remember, for this, you should also know magic tricks, if you do not know how to do magic tricks, then do not make such a channel in this situation, because by making videos of fake magic tricks, you will never be able to grow your channel.

So either learns magic tricks or then make another category channel.

Best Keyword and Youtube Optimization Tools for You:

1. TubeBuddy: I like this tool very much and there are two reasons for this, first, this tool is user-friendly, that is, it is very easy to use this tool, and second, this tool helps to grow the YouTube channel in a very short time.

2. VidIQ: VidIQ is also a YouTube video management tool, which is used to find topics according to keyword research, video optimization, SEO, and trends.
Many more features are available in Vidic, which help in growing your channel quickly.

How to Download YouTube Shorts

You can download YouTube Shorts videos by using third-party websites or software such as or Snaptube.

How to Download YouTube Shorts

Simply copy the URL of the Shorts video you wish to download and paste it into the software, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download process.

Keep in mind that downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal, and you should only download videos that you have the right to use.

Best YouTube Shorts Download App:

Snaptube: Snaptube is a popular video-downloading app that allows users to download videos from a variety of websites, including YouTube.

Best YouTube Shorts Download App

However, it is important to note that downloading copyrighted videos from YouTube is illegal and goes against the platform’s terms of service. In addition, downloading videos from unauthorized sources can expose your device to malware and other security risks.

Before downloading any videos, make sure you have the right to use them, and always be mindful of online security.


In this article, I have given you the solutions to two problems, the first problem (how to upload youtube shorts by computer and laptop?) and the second problem (How to viral YouTube shorts?) so I hope that after reading this article Do not have to read any other article related to problems

And those were 15+ YouTube Shorts channel ideas on which if you work hard i.e. create quality content then there is a 99% chance that your channel will grow. So start working on whichever topic you like. With this, we end this article here, if you liked this article, then do share it on your WhatsApp so that it can reach as many people as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

How do I make my Shorts Videos go Viral?

Some useful tips to make YouTube shorts viral:-
·         Create unique and engaging content 
·         Use Keywords & and tags
·         upload Shorter Video
·         Upload Shorts Consistently

Which app is best for Editing a short video?

Here are the best apps for making shorts videos:-
·         Kinemaster
·         Inshot
·         Vn Editor
·         VivaCut
·         Vita Video Editor

Can I Upload YouTube Shorts from my PC/Computer?

Yes, friends, you can upload YouTube shorts from your PC. Now I have given complete information in the article about how to upload.

Can I get subscribers from Shorts?

If you create unique and engaging content then definitely you will gain subscribers from your short videos.

How do I find trending tags for YouTube Shorts?

If you are tired of finding trending tags for your shorts video, then for this I would suggest a website called, with the help of this website you can easily find viral tags for your youtube shorts.

What is a Shorts Channel on YouTube?

It is better to tell in a roundabout way, if I tell you in simple language, then shorts channels are such channels on which short content is shared.

How much do YouTube Shorts pay for 1000 views?

This question is most searched how much money youtube shorts gives on 1000 views, According to a report youtube shorts gives $1.61 to $29.30 dollars on 1000 views.

Do YouTube Shorts Channels Get Paid?

Yes, friends, according to the new policy of YouTube, now shorts channels on youtube will also be monetized, for this, you just have to complete 1000 thousand and 10 million views on your shorts channel within 3 months.

Do Shorts Get Copyright Claims?

If you use copyrighted material in your short videos like music, photos, etc then you can get a copyright claim.

Can I monetize 2 YouTube channels with one AdSense account?

Yes, of course, you can monetize two youtube channels on one AdSense account.

Does Shorts Watchtime Count?

This question is asked many times whether there is a watch time count of shorts on youtube. So the answer is absolutely No, youtube shorts watch time does not count.

How Many Shorts Should upload A Day?

There is no limit to this, you can upload as many shorts as you want, if you upload 3 to 5 shorts a day, then it is enough.

How Do YouTube Shorts Get viral?

You can follow these tips to make your shorts viral:
• Make shorts of 30 to 35 seconds
• Create suspense in your shorts
• Create attractive thumbnail for shorts
• shorts title should be catchy
• Make a short video on the trending topic
• Do the editing of your shorts video well

Do YouTube Shorts Need Hashtags?

Yes, it is necessary to put a hashtag on youtube shorts, because of this, your shorts quickly go into the shorts feed and the chances of your shorts video becoming viral also increase,
you can use these hashtags for youtube shorts hashtag: #shorts #short #youtubeshorts #shortsfeed

Can I Save My YouTube Shorts as Draft Before publishing?

Yes, of course, you can save your shorts in draft before publishing them.

Which are the Most Viewed Shorts on YouTube?

So here are some shorts videos which have been viewed the most on youtube:
·         SuperMarioLogan
·         SMG4
·         ExplodingTNT
·         ERBH
·         BFDI
·         Glitchtale
·         Honest Trailers

Where To Upload YouTube Shorts?

To upload YouTube Shorts, you will get the option to create shorts on youtube, with the help of which you can upload shorts.

Are YouTube Shorts Worth It?

YouTube Shorts is a great way to grow your channel quickly. There are many YouTubers on youtube who have gained millions of subscribers on their channel by uploading shorts.

When YouTube Shorts Started?

The YouTube Shorts feature was launched by youtube in the month of September 2020.

What Are The Disadvantages Of YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts have as many advantages as there are Disadvantages Disadvantages of YouTube shorts: Lower quality of attention, offer value very quickly, etc.

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