How to View and Analyze YouTube Statistics for any Video 2023

Do you also know How to View and Analyze YouTube Statistics for any Video and how to analyze it, do you also want to know how to get rid of this problem?
Today I am going to tell you everything openly, if you are connected with youtube, then this information will be very useful for you.

YouTube Statistics

How to View and Analyze YouTube Statistics for any Video:

With the data in the below image, your own video and channel are analyzed, all this tells that there is an effect on the channel and video, by this you will know how to make the video and you can get a lot of information. So that you do not face any problems further, you will get the most important information that how you can use youtube analytics to understand the statistics of your channel.

Start YouTube Channel Step-by-Step

  • 1) go to
  • 2) After that you will get a Sign in button on the side, click on it.
  • 3) log in to your mail account to it.
  • 4) As soon as you log in, the name that is in your mail account will be filled with the same name of the channel, if you want to keep the same name of the channel, then you click on create a channel, and you will become a channel with the same name.
  • 5) If you want to change the name then you click on use a business and another name.
  • 6) After this, whatever name you want to keep, keep that name or click on create a channel, your channel will be created.
  • In this way you will be able to create your youtube channel in just 4-5 minutes, after that you can edit as you want – logo, art design

How Much Do Viral Youtube Videos Make?

It depends on what topic you choose, If you have chosen a topic that is trending, then surely the chances of your video going viral increase.
According to the pay rate of Youtube, 0.1 to 0.3 per ad view is given on 1000 views, then a YouTuber earns up to $ 18 on 1000 views.
According to Forbes, youtube pays $5 for 1000 views.
So if your videos get views in millions then you can earn a lot of money from youtube.
Now you know how to make a video viral because until more views come, there will be no income.

How to make a youtube video viral?

YouTube Statistics

I will tell you such things that you will know something and something new for you, if you are still new on youtube, then these things will be special for you, just pay attention to these things and give something to the old user as well. I am going to get new learning, I will tell you some points which are very important for your youtube video.

  • Whatever your video will be, its quality should be high full HD and your voice or any audio you are putting in it should also be clean you will have to pay more attention to it, it will not cause problems in watching and listening to the viewers and you will also get good views. Will come
  • You make most of the videos that are unique and people want to see them also keep in mind which video is being searched more, which is called trending video if you make it then you will get more benefits and your viewers will also increase.
  • Make short videos as well, this will attract viewers and they will watch your channel completely open also you can put videos of more than 10 minutes, this will monetize your channel.
  • When you enter your title, then do keyword research well, for this you can also use any research tools.
  • thumbnail Be nice and be truthful don’t be fake and be in such a way that you can attract people
  • Important things before putting youtube videos that you have to take special care of, don’t put copyrighted and duplicate content videos on your channel, you only have to use non-copyright, free music, and images made by yourself.

Why is Youtube Algorithm so bad?

You will know that subscribing to youtube will come when your video will get views, without views your channel will not be able to move forward, you have to pay attention to some things while uploading videos, some users close their channels due to lack of views on videos. I will tell them that it is not very difficult to get views on your video, if you want to rank your video at number 1, then you will have to do an algorithm and optimize the video well.

I will tell you about it.

YouTube gives you worldwide recognition and good content and channel runs well, then you can earn money sitting comfortably at home, Many YouTubers have made their identity and career from this platform and are earning good fat money.

If you think that views increase only by uploading more videos, then it is not so, you cannot bring good views until your video’s algorithm and SEO are optimized, it simply means that you have to work hard and you apply your mind.

Some users make videos and upload them directly on youtube, which is the wrong way, because of this your views are not going to increase. First of all, you put the keyword well in the title of the video, on which keyword you can search your video at number 1 on youtube.

Make sure to write the keyword title of your video, do not write such a title that has nothing to do with the video.
If you want to take the channel further, then you must share that video on social media like – Share on WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, this way it works on youtube.

Should I Stop Making YouTube Videos?

If you are working on youtube and you do not get views on your video, you are sad and you think that you should stop it, then you stop bringing such thoughts to your mind, you work harder on it and put good content. You will definitely get success on this platform, you do not have to stop making videos on youtube.

When youtube videos are shot then you need some material because if you want to shoot a good quality video that increases audience retention then you also need some Equipment.

Equipment Needs for Making Youtube Videos

Equipment Which Needs for Making Youtube Videos

I will give all the information about the video-making tools for the new youtube user, I will tell you how to edit your Videos, how to set up your lights, which mic to use for recording, and how the camera should be in the video.
To become a good YouTuber, it is very important to understand the tools in it very well, you are thinking which camera should I get? Light and a mic should be used, So I will give information about them so that you do not face any kind of problem in making a video.

  • Camera/Mobile
  • Mic
  • Lighting Set up


if you are just starting a youtube channel or are you a beginner then you can start making videos from your mobile phone camera.

no need to invest money to buy a camera.

But if you want to make quality and professional videos from the beginning, then you need a good and budget-friendly camera. So if you want the best camera for YouTube, then you can read our article and get a budget-friendly camera for yourself.


In this, it will be better if you use a shotgun mic less because its audio records from one direction only, you can take such a mic that can record from all four sides and if possible, use a wireless lavalier mic, it is easy and you can wear it on your collar. can also be applied.


For this, you can also use two-point light, if you are making it in a video studio or room, then keep the light on both sides in the main place so that it will be in the opposite direction to each other and on the other hand, you can use the fill light. also, using this will help to hide the shadow.
You can also use soft light, it will be available for less money, and you have good light to take close-up shots.
The best natural light will be like the sunlight coming from the studio bar, the light coming from your window can be used.

Youtube Seo Tools which Needed

If you want to grow on youtube in less time, then you can use these tools so that your youtube career can get a boost and you can grow quickly.

You can use these 2 tools which will take your youtube channel to a new height and you will be able to grow your youtube channel in a few months.

1. TubeBuddy: Boost Your YouTube Growth

This is a video management software that allows you to do keyword research, topic finding, thumbnail making, Tags suggestions, and more.
TubeBuddy helps you to optimize your channel and grow quickly.


Right now there will hardly be any creator in the YouTube world who does not know about Tube buddy, tube buddy is basically a YouTube-certified SEO tool, you can use it as a chrome extension.

is TubeBuddy worth it: Yes, it is absolutely worth it, I like this tool very much and there are two reasons for this, first, this tool is user-friendly, that is, it is very easy to use this tool, and second, this tool helps to grow the YouTube channel in a very short time.

Features of TubeBuddy:

Access Controls/Permissions ✔ Activity Dashboard✔

Brand Overlay✔ Bulk Uploading✔

Closed Captions✔ Commenting/Notes✔

Customizable Branding✔ Inside the Video Search✔

Labeling✔ Mobile Screen Support✔

Multi-Channel Distribution✔ Multimedia Support✔

Privacy Options✔ Rapid Creation✔

Reporting & Statistics✔ Reporting/Analytics✔

Search/Filter✔ Social Media Integration✔

Social Sharing✔ Tagging✔

Video Editing✔ Video Looping✔

Video Management ✔ Video Streaming✔

2. VidIQ: Boost your Views and Subscriber on YouTube

VidIQ is also a YouTube video management tool, which is used to find topics according to keyword research, video optimization, SEO, and trends.
Many more features are available in Vidic, which help in growing your channel quickly.


is VidIQ worth it: yes definitely this tool is worth it because this is a legit tool and you can do anything by using this tool like tag suggestions, topic finder, Seo Keywords research, etc.

Features of VidIQ:

Easy to Use✔ User-Friendly tool✔

Push channel to MAX level✔ Track and compare your Performance of the channel✔

Boost youtube views✔ Artificial Intelligence backup✔

Save hours researching✔ Daily Viral Topic Ideas✔

Chrome Extension✔ Can Optimize channel✔

Last Words

As we told you in this article how you can optimize your youtube channel and grow it by analyzing the channel, And also we told you how you can create your youtube channel, so don’t wait and start working on youtube.

If you are already working on youtube, then try using these tools once, and do not forget to write a review in the comment.

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can I start a youtube channel in 2023?

yes, definitely you can start a youtube channel in 2023 because youtube become a big creator platform day by day.
I am sure youtube will be the greatest and largest video search engine on the internet.

is a YouTube career worth it?

absolutely worth it, Many people are doing youtube as a career. If you are looking for any side hustle for extra income then you can start your youtube channel and make videos.

can I become a millionaire by youtube?

yes, you can earn so much money from youtube, Many people in the world are millionaires via youtube. Youtube Gives you 5 ways to make money on this platform:
1. Adsense
2. Sponsorships
3. Merchandise
4. Join Feature
5. Affiliate marketing

should I stop making youtube videos?

If you are not serious about youtube then you should leave. But if you are ready for hard work on youtube and start to make money online then youtube is for you. youtube is not a hobby, you have to be passionate about it after some time you will get results. So Keep Doing consistently.

is VidIQ worth it?

Yes, definitely this tool is worth it because this is a legit tool and you can do anything by using this tool like tag suggestions, topic finder, Seo Keywords research, and more.

is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it, I like this tool very much and there are two reasons for this, first, this tool is user-friendly, that is, it is very easy to use this tool, and second, this tool helps to grow the YouTube channel in a very short time.

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