Can You Get Paid from Youtube Shorts 2023

So friends, if you are also a youtube shorts creator and you keep thinking that you can get paid for shorts and there is always a question in your mind, how and how to do it, then we have solved this problem.
I am telling you with confidence that by just reading this blog completely, you will get answers to all those questions in your mind about the youtube shorts video and how to get money from them.
You are also a Youtuber and make shorts video, there is very good news for all shorts creators, now you can earn money because youtube has released a youtube short fund for short create, which will give you a chance to earn money as a bonus.

How to Get Paid from YouTube Shorts

Looking at the views of your shorts video every month, your views are coming well, then you will be informed through email and notification that your bonus is going to come, after that, you can get good payment from the youtube fund.

Youtube Shorts

How much youtube pays for Youtube shorts

The shorts bonus is paid through youtube to your channel’s AdSense account, for this you will need to follow their policies and you can get $100 to $10000 from the youtube fund.

Youtube Shorts Monetization New Update

YouTube is rolling out a new feature that will allow creators of short videos to make more money. This will make Youtube the best platform for those who want to earn money from their videos.
If you create videos that have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4000 minutes of watch time in the last 90 days, you can apply for the Youtube Partner Program in early 2023.

This program will give you access to all the benefits offered by the partner program. Long-term revenue streams such as advertising and fan funding are included.

YouTube is trying a new way to monetize short-form videos, where it will share advertising revenue with creators based on how many people have viewed their videos. This differs from what has been done in the past, where it was difficult to achieve a direct correlation between individual videos and ad performance Every month, revenue from ads between Shorts videos will be pooled together and used to support the creators who make Shorts videos. Some of this money will be used to pay for the licensing of the songs, while some of the money will be split between creators based on the number of views of their videos.

The way Youtube splits the revenue from videos is based on how many people have viewed them. This means that it is basically the same as Youtube charging people directly for videos. But there is one additional step that Youtube has to take into account – its role as a middleman. This means that Youtube sometimes has to intervene to determine the payment amount for the video.
Some people are worried that Youtube will not be able to keep up with the new changes.

How Many Types of Youtube Shorts Channels

People and businesses can make short videos about anything on Youtube. These videos can be used to promote previews, tutorials, before and afters, mini vlogs, reviews, unboxings, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of upcoming events, products, albums, or songs. This makes it easy for people to create fun, unique videos that people can enjoy.

How to viral Youtube shorts

If you want your youtube shorts video to go viral, then you need to keep following the same steps again and again. There is no magic to digital marketing – some videos take time to go viral and some take longer.

Always remember the process is more important than the result.
Digital marketers must say that social media platforms are constantly introducing new features which users can use more and more.

Youtube is currently offering Youtube Shorts, which are short videos that you can watch on the Youtube website.

If your channel is in the tech category then don’t upload shorts other than technology. For example, if you upload short videos on dancing and cooking, and your channel is related to tech. Then your channel will be in danger. Because subscribers who came to your channel from shorts will not watch your videos or will go back immediately after opening.

Bonus Tip for Youtube (Best SEO and keyword Research Tools for You)

Youtube Shorts

Youtube keyword research is a method of finding the most popular search terms and related phrases that people use when searching for information on the site.

Want to learn more about what people are searching for when searching for Youtube content? Then keyword research is the process for you! By tracking what people are saying about different topics, you can discover keywords your target audience is likely searching for, which can help you optimize your video content for success.

By studying the keywords people are using to search for information, you can be sure that the content you create is relevant to what your audience is looking for.

Why Youtube keywords are important:
To make your ad more likely to reach the people you want it to reach, you need to use the right keywords. Optimizing your videos for search will help you get more people to know about your brand. And looking at your work more often can help.

2 Best Youtube Keyword Tools:

  1. VidIQ

VidIQ is an extension for Google Chrome that helps content creators determine which keywords are most important to their content.

Whenever you search for a keyword, VidIQ will show you information about the term’s search volume, competition, and other factors. Additionally,


VidIQ can tell you how well your content is rated by other users, and which videos are most popular with those keywords.

TubeBuddy is a free Chrome extension that helps you find keywords that will help you optimize your videos for Youtube.

The extension also helps ensure that your videos are following Youtube’s recommendations. It suggests tags for videos, and can even translate your video title and description into other languages.


TubeBuddy offers different versions of its app with different features and prices. The free version has few features, but the Pro and Star versions have more. The Legend edition is the most expensive and has all the features.

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Must Read Can you Make Money on YouTube Shorts

Is making YouTube Shorts worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it because short videos are such a way that there is a possibility of getting more views in a very short time.
And short content is going to be very popular in the coming years.

What is Youtube Shorts?

YoutubeShorts is a new feature on Youtube that lets you create short videos with your smartphone. You can make a video of fewer than 60 seconds and it will be a short video. You can record a short video with your default camera, or you can use the Youtube short tab to record a video with your phone. I think if you create your videos with editing apps and then upload them to Youtube, you will get more views than if you upload raw videos.

How to Viral Youtube Shorts?

Youtube has an algorithm that determines which videos go viral. To be successful you need to make good videos and upload them regularly.

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