SAAS Business Startup Guide 2023

At present, the SaaS Business is increasing very much in a few years, there are many people in the world who are earning a lot of money by creating a saas application once.

Why this is such a way that if you start once and market it, then it can give you passive income for life.

There is a lot of potential in this startup and earnings is also very high.

If we talk about the saas business, then all of them work on the saas business models like Netflix, Ahrefs, Canva, etc.

If you also want to start such a startup, which can be started once and earn money for a lifetime, then you are at the right place.

Today in this article we are going to tell you how you can start saas services and earn lakhs of rupees per month.

Before how to start saas services, you have to know what is Saas service.

What is SAAS Business?

The full form of SaaS is Software as a Service.

If you understand in common language, SaaS means to use any software as a service and give some money in return.

Suppose you have a logistics company and you want to do your work on automation or you want to do marketing on social media and you need software so that all your work is done by automation, then you have to hire an IT team. You will have to make a software from them, in which you will have to spend a lot, but nowadays there are companies in the market that make this software beforehand, so simply you just have to find those companies and use their software instead of that company. Charges you a reliable Amount

In this way, your expenses are very less and you also get to use the software.

This is called SAAS.

If understood in technical language, any software that is used as a service like Instagram automation, Keyword Finder, SEO analyzer, Blog Writer, Title Generator, Link shortening, Web Analytics, etc.

SaaS applications are also called web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software.

SAAS Service basically works on cloud hosting or server

A cloud server is such a place where there is data of millions of people, which means if you have ever been to a mall, then you must have seen that there are many shops in that mall, which run their business by paying rent in that mall, just like a cloud I have the data of everyone’s website which ranks globally and generates its business.

Benefits of SAAS

1. Accessible from anywhere:

To use the saas application, you just have to have an internet facility, it does not matter from which corner of the world you use this service.

2. Scalability:

By using SaaS applications, you can scale your business to a large level, these applications are very user-friendly, so they are very easy to use.

3. Frequent Updates Automatic:

The providers of SAAS service keep on optimizing and updating their software from time to time so that your IT team does not need to put much effort.

4. Low Setup and Infrastructure Cost:

To use the SaaS service, you just have to pay an amount and you can use the service, all you need is an internet connection and any browser, from which you can use these applications.

5. Higher Security:

Because it works on the sharing model, the data of all the users remain safe and its security is kept at the highest level by the providers.

Future of software as a service

The market of SaaS business is becoming very big all over the world, SaaS business is the fastest growing business in the whole world.

In 1999, the Salesforce company created the first CRM platform, they also started from scratch, and over time they made many optimizations and updates, due to which their SaaS business grew very well.

If this question is coming to your mind that whether SAAS business will be profitable in the coming time, then my answer is yes because it is such a business that you have to develop only once and optimize it from time to time. Keep updating, and this business will continue to give you passive income for a lifetime, but it depends on how your business model is and whether people are getting solutions to their problems on your platform or not.

SAAS applications are able to solve the problems of many business owners, whether it is logistics business or digital marketing business, today SAAS applications are available for every business on the internet, using which it is very easy to grow and scale the business.

That’s why the dependence on SaaS business is always going to be there, that too in every industry, so if you are serious about it, then we will try to tell you in this article completely, how you too can start your SaaS business and passive can generate income.

How to Build SAAS Business:

You need 3 methods to build a SAAS Business-

  1. Build by Yourself
  2. Hire a developer
  3. Using Ready made Scripts

Building a SaaS business is not as easy as it seems, so we will tell you through these 3 methods how you can build a SaaS business from scratch.

Build by Yourself: 

If you are from a background in computer science or IT, then you will know that coding is required to make any tool or software, so if you know to code, then you can give your IDea a software form and saas You can build a business model, if you build it yourself, it is better because it takes your creativity, so if you have time, my advice is that you can build it yourself.

Hire a developer: 

If you do not know to code and you do not have enough time to sit and develop the software yourself, then you have another option you can hire a developer and use him to tell you what kind of software you need to develop. To get it done, tell your Idea, and the developer can develop and give you the software, in return, you can pay whatever amount is decided under the legal contract, or nowadays there are many freelancing websites in the market where you can easily get your software developed by hiring a developer like:,, etc.

Using Ready made Scripts:

This method is the most interesting because here neither you have to do coding nor you have to hire any developer, this is the easiest way.

Let’s understand this method step-by-step in short, in short, because if we go into full detail then this article will become very big.

Step 1: First of all you have to search in your browser, after that, you will see an option for PHP Scripts in the header menu, click on it.

Step 2: After this, you will see a search bar, you have to search for Saas, after which you will see some interfaces like this-

Step 3: As soon as you search, many options will come in front of you from where you can buy scripts, suppose I want to create a URL Shortener Tool, then I will have to write a premium URL Shortener in the search bar, after that press enter. All the URL shortener scripts that we have in front of us will come, which you can buy and make a tool.

If you need any kind of scripts like Socialproof, keyword research, Bio link, automation, etc. You can search for them and you will get ready-made scripts on this website.

After buying the scripts you can purchase, now we are ready to set up your saas business.

Step 4: After buying the scripts, now the most important work starts in which you need a hosting or a server where you can apply these scripts and start building your software, you will find many platforms for hosting. Will go like Hostinger, Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost. You can buy hosting from anywhere.

If you want to build a SaaS business, then you can also buy shared hosting from these platforms, but I would recommend that you set it up on a VPS server, so that you can go ahead and scale your business.

Step 4: For VPS cloud computing, you have to go to this website and set up your account here, then click on the option of your cloud computing, and at the bottom, you will see an option LAMP, select use, After that select your server price, and after that on which domain you want to apply this server, enter the name of that domain.

If you do not have a domain, then you can go to NameCheap and buy the cheapest domain and register the use here.

Step 5: Now you have a domain as well as cloud hosting, so now it is time to map your domain on vultr, and install the SSL Certificate.

Step 6: Now download and extract the script that you purchased, to extract you will need an application whose link you will find here Putty, from here you can download putty, and how to extract You will find its tutorial on YouTube, you can extract it by watching it.

Step 7: Now when you have setup by following our mentioned steps, now you have to type the domain name you had taken in your browser and write install next to it. for example my domain name is Theuspride then I will type in my browser

Remember that this installation will happen only when you have followed the given steps.

Step 7: You must know that whenever you install a php script, you need to create a database for it, to create a database, you will get the option of documents on the server’s site itself. where you can create a database of that php script

Step 8: It is very easy to install php scripts for saas business and complete the rest of the process, for this you will find many videos on YouTube but now it comes to the point that when you have created a saas business website, now most It is important how you do marketing of your website, because without marketing you will not get clients and if clients do not come then how will you earn.

SAAS Product Marketing Strategy (Updated)

Any big or small business in the world needs marketing because running any business without marketing is very difficult to scale it.

So now that your SAAS website is ready, now I am going to tell you how you can do marketing of saas business.

You can use these methods for marketing SAAS business, and promote your business in a genuine way:

  1. YouTube
  2. Place Gigs on Freelancing Websites
  3. List Your SAAS business on SAAS listing Websites
  4. Create E-books
  5. Create free courses
  6. Create a Blog
  7. Quora
  8. Email Signature
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Paid ads


You can do very good marketing through YouTube, there are many companies on YouTube that promote their brands.

Or you can start your own YouTube channel, and make videos related to digital marketing or tutorial videos of your saas product, as well as promote your saas business, and this option is better. |

Because when you provide someone with some knowledge in video format, then people start trusting it more quickly and do not shy away from using your product at all.

If you want to create a long-term business, then you can start your journey on youtube, although it will take some time on this platform, it also depends on how consistent you are, but when your videos and content quality are good. No one can stop you from converting your business into a brand, but yes, you do not just promote your SaaS product but try to give value to the people so that trust can be built between you and your audience.

The more you try to give value to people through videos, the more people will connect with you and this will also be your promotion.

Try to explain to people through your videos how they can grow their business through your tool and how your tool will help them in their business, tell people about the benefits of the tool.

That’s why you just have to work hard and you won’t even know when your business will start running.

2. Place Gigs on Freelancing Websites:

 Place Gigs on Freelancing Websites

Nowadays, the way online business is increasing in India, you must have heard the name of freelancing somewhere, freelancing is such a work where you just have to work on the basis of your skill and its people give you money.

You can place gigs by visiting the freelancing website for marketing your saas business, then whoever needs this service can take saas service from you and you can charge whatever amount of your service from that. |

There are many websites to place Gigs on freelancing websites like:,,, etc where you can find clients by placing gigs of your service.

3. List Your SAAS Business to SAAS Listing Websites:

This method is very beneficial for beginners, in which you have to list your Saas Business website on other SAAS listing websites so that traffic starts coming to your website and you also get clients.

You will find many such websites on the internet where you can list your saas product or business, some of them are also free and on some websites, you may have to pay some amount to list, but this method is very It is more useful to promote and market your SaaS business, now I will tell you 5 such websites where you can list your SaaS product.


You can visit these 5 websites and create an account and list your SaaS product or SaaS software here, which will make it easier for you to market your SaaS business.

4. Create E-books:

If you want to promote your SaaS business or tool, then this method is absolutely free and also very useful, in which you just have to create an E-book, in which you have to provide the link of your tool, so that whenever someone can access that E-book. Will read the book and click on that link, then he can use the tool.

Now the question must be coming to your mind how to make an E-book? We have never made an e-book, so I have a solution for this too.

You can use Canva to create an E-book, Canva is a completely free tool where you can easily create an E-book and here you will also get a lot of templates from which you can design your E-book. There will be no problem in making it better and you will be able to create a great E-book.

In this way, you can promote your saas business through E-books by creating many E-books.

5. Create Free Courses:

This method is very helpful to promote any business, in which you have to create online courses, now you must be thinking that how can we promote our tool by creating an online course.

For this you have to understand this concept, suppose that you have made an online course whose price is 100 rupees, and you have provided your saas tool as a bonus in that course, then you tell people through the course. Will not use your tool?

Yes, of course, you will, now you must be thinking that what am I saying, we have made a little tool to use for free, this is our business model, so how will we get money for using it for free?

Friends, you do not have to give your tool for free for a lifetime, just let them use it for free for a few months, for 6 months we have given our saas tool to use for free as a free bonus. In the form, by which that user must have got used to using that tool, after that, you can charge him for using the saas tool.

6. Create a Blog:

In this method, you just have to create a blog and write articles in it and give value to the people in un articles, due to which traffic will start coming to your blog.

A blog is such a way in which you can promote any business, but yes, you do not only have to tell about SaaS business, but people will also have to give good value, and you can mention your SaaS tool in your article. So that people get to know about your SaaS business and people use your tool and you will get money from it.

To create a blog, we need 2 things hosting and domain. If you want to make a blog, then I would recommend that you buy hosting from Hostinger because here you will get better hosting at a good price, and set up the blog on WordPress.

I personally like this method very much, when you create a blog and you work on it for months, you will see that after 6 months you will start getting a passive income, so that’s why this is too awesome.

7. Quora:

This is the No.1 best Strategy for promotion and getting traffic on your website is Quora.

You can create your account on Quora, and on that, you can find the related audience of your product. This is the easiest and most free method to increase traffic and reach clients.

On Quora, you can answer people’s questions and for those who need saas related tools, you can tell them about your tool, so that you can easily reach the client, or you can create your own on Quora. You can do space and you can bring traffic and clients even by writing articles according to the demand of regular people, this is the best way to grow a new business.

8. Email Signature:

There will be many people among you who hardly know about Email Signatures, whenever you send an email to someone via Email Signature, the link to your website is also mentioned in the description, from which you send the email to anyone. Can visit that link and know about your services.

How can you use an email signature, for this you have to go to the Hubspot website, and there you will get the option of creating the signature, going to it and creating your signature, and copying it.

Now you have to come to your Gmail account, in the setting Gmail account you will see an option signature, there you have to paste what you copied from Hubspot.

After that, when you send an email to someone, whatever link you have entered while creating the signature will also be sent along with that email and people will start visiting your website through your email.

9. Email Marketing:

Many bloggers and business owners use this method in Nia because it is an effective way to reach the client and market the product.

Email Marketing is of 2 types:-

  1. Traditional Email Marketing
  2. Cold Email Marketing

You can do email marketing in these 2 ways, before this I told you about creating an E-book, so whenever people download your e-books, save their email and keep a list. Then through those emails, you can do email marketing, which will make it easier for you to market your product and your chances of getting a client will increase up to 70%.

Another way is cloud email marketing in which you can randomly send lots of emails together using bulk email sender tools, email marketing is the best way to promote any business or product.

10. Paid Ads:

Till now all the methods I told you were almost free, but if you have a budget to promote your business, then you can also take support of paid ads, and there are chances of getting better results in less time.

For paid ads, you can run ads campaign for your business and generate revenue with the help of Google ads, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Apart from this, if you have a good budget for marketing, then you can also get your business marketing done by Influencer, which is also commonly called Shoutout.

Influencers give you Shoutouts on their social media means that they promote your product or service, in return you have to pay whatever fees they have, so that their audience uses your service or product and you also generate revenue. Is

Now your question will be that we do not even know any Influencers, so how can we contact them to promote our business, for this, you will have to go to the Shoutcart website and create an account, after that whatever you want to want to get promoted from Influencer, you can get your saas business promoted by talking to them.

Apart from this, you can also promote your SaaS business by using banner ads, this is also a paid method, in which you can find those websites which have good monthly traffic, by contacting them, you can place a banner of your product on their website. You can get their price depending on how long you want to run banner ads on their website, as much as they charge you.

You can also do very good marketing with this method.

So, friends, I told you 10 methods that how you can do marketing of your SaaS business, and these methods work not only for SaaS business but also for any business.

So now you must have got the knowledge that how we can build SaaS business and how we can get it run by marketing it.

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