How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog in 2023(Step-by-Step Guide)

So friends, if you are a new blogger and want to know How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog in 2023, and also want your blog to rank on google. But friends, to get any blog ranked on google, it is most important to write that blog according to SEO.

Now you must be thinking that how to write an SEO-friendly blog, then there is no need to worry much, you just have to read this article completely because in this article we have explained in detail how to write SEO friendly.

Before starting this article, you need to know what is content writing and what is SEO-friendly article.

What is Content Writing?

If you are familiar with the term “content writing,” it is imperative that you attempt to comprehend its Hindi equivalent before learning about SEO Friendly Content Writing.

Writing content is a method that may be used to write any kind of information for a variety of purposes. Content writing need not be limited to writing articles for blogs.

All of these steps are included in the content creation process planning to write any kind of content, gathering ideas for content, producing content, and revising content. Therefore, creating any kind of material, such as blog posts, articles, scripts, or other types of content, is referred to as content writing.

What Is Seo Friendly Article?

SEO Friendly Article Writing is a process in which we write our content according to the factors of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that our content is SEO Friendly and able to rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Now, what is this SEO, let me tell you in short. SEO is a process by which we increase the ranking of our website in search results and get our website ranked.

There are many factors of SEO that we have to follow to increase the ranking of any website, in these SEO Factors there are some such factors, by following which we have to optimize our article.

Like how the article should be, what should be used in the article, how to write the keywords in the article, how the headings should be, and many more. By following these SEO Factors, we have to write the article and optimize the article which is called SEO Friendly Article.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog in 2023?

We must be aware of the SEO variables in order to develop SEO-friendly content. What things should we keep in mind while creating content, and what factors in search engine optimization can we use to optimize our website’s content and make it more search engine friendly? Therefore, let’s examine those SEO factors.

Important Factors for SEO-Friendly Articles :

1. Unique Content:

Your article must be original if you want to write SEO-friendly content. The essay ought to be distinctive, educational, and worth the user’s time. People frequently copy text from another source and rewrite it using a rewriter tool, which is not at all in accordance with ranking factors.

To ensure that readers receive worthwhile knowledge, your work must be both completely original and educational.

2. Optimize the Heading Tag

Above the title (H1-H6). Use (H3-H6) for subtitles such that H1 is used once just before H2 is used. Use keywords in some of your headings and correct the headings as such.

3. Use Unique Images

Since photos are a component of our content as well, it is crucial to use original content when creating strong, SEO-friendly content. Avoid using images that have been copied or downloaded elsewhere because the copyright to them may be asserted.

Use an original image that is pertinent to the post whenever possible, and always include an Alt Tag because this is how search engines find your photographs on your website.

4. Use table of contents

A table of Contents is used to read any content of a website or blogger blog and reach there which is an important section. This also makes your article SEO friendly

Benefits of a Table of Contents :

  • This lowers the bounce rate of your blog.
  • JUMP LINK shows in Google, which increases organic traffic
  • Users stay on your blog for a long time, which helps in SEO

5. Do Keyword Placement Correctly in Content

Try using keywords related to your target keyword as well as many other types of keywords as needed, such as if you have a target keyword (How to Write SEO Friendly Keywords). So try to employ these keywords as well as the words associated with them.

This will help Search Engines understand your post. Write your content with your keywords in mind.

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6. Length of Blog Post

Write blog posts of at least 1000–5000 words if you also want to rank your blog posts and acquire organic traffic. You can write a blog post of 600 words if you’d like, but if the keyword is competitive, you’ll need to extend the blog’s word count.

7. Use phrase keywords, long tail keywords, LSI keywords

There are many different kinds of keywords, including phrase keywords, long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, and LSI keywords.

When you employ all of these keywords when producing an article, search engines can understand your content through a variety of keywords. You’ll see one of your blogs start to rank for numerous keywords.

Make a list of the keywords you need to utilize in your post by conducting keyword research. As you write the piece, keep those keywords in mind and use them as appropriate.


Friends, I described SEO Content Writing to you today. I hope you understand after I attempted to explain all the key Content Optimization SEO Factors to you. If you still have any questions in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting, and our team will try to clear your doubt.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you copy someone else’s content and rewrite it with the help of online tools and use it in your blog?

Ans:- Absolutely no, you cannot copy anyone’s content because such content will never rank on Google, and because of this, your website can also get banned.

How many words should the article have at most?

Ans:-By the way, you should write a maximum of 2000 to 5000 words but you can also write a minimum of 1000 words.

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