How to Increase Website Traffic Organically in 2023

Do you want to know How to Increase Website Traffic Organically in 2023, We have some Proven methods to increase your website traffic in a month.

Today I want to tell you that if you run a website, then you are going to learn a lot from this blog in your life, I will tell you that you too can bring traffic in crores to your website.

As you all know, nowadays everyone is doing this work of website and blog, and everyone wants to earn money online sitting at home, similarly, you have also made your website, but you must be thinking that now more and more Visitor how to bring.

Let me also tell you one thing until more people will not see your website, then you will have these problems. Like – in the rank of your website on google, and in google’s AdSense approval, then I will tell you in this blog of mine How to bring Visitors to your website.

How to Increase Website Traffic Organically in 2023

Now we have to discuss something like what is website and how to increase website traffic organically.

What is a Website?

Increase Website Traffic Organically

A website is such a place where we can keep a lot of information which we call Webpages, the way you are reading this blog of ours, this is our website and you are getting all this information from our webpage to tell you very directly.

The collection of all web pages is called a website.

When we read or see something about the website, some points often come to the fore which we do not understand at all.

  • Homepage
  • Webpage
  • URL
  • Server
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Content
  • Link


Whenever we open the website, the first page we get is called Homepage and it is the only one on every website.


Just like a book is a website, just like a book has many pages, similarly, a website has web pages.

URL(Uniform Resource Locator):

The address of the webpage is called the URL which appears in the search box.


Where does the server go in the online space, it is a powerful computer that is always connected to the internet, the entire website has its own server, the use of which is always active online, and the entire program of the website is stored in the server.

Domain Name:

Domain Name This gives an identity to the website.


Hosting is a part of a server with the help of which the website is designed to be hosted. Your best hosting plan is here.


There is a file or information present in the website or image, video, audio, or text, all these things are called content- the way you are reading this blog of ours, it is also content.


When we add a URL from one webpage to another webpage, it is called a link.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I am a blogger and if I explain to you that, SEO is the heart of blogging,

I am telling you that no matter how hard you work in writing a blog, if your blog does not rank, then you will be disappointed because when the rank If you don’t, then who will read it, else no one will read it, otherwise all your hard work will be wasted.

That’s why today’s era is going on and in this era, you have to make an identity, then there is only one way that goes out of the road and goes to the sky and keeps on going, and that is online, the only medium which you will work will tell your identity and Crores of people will know you and they will keep waiting for you online.

To make this identity, it is very important for you to be present online, how can you make your identity through a blog or video, there are many ways, which you will have to do yourself.

But before doing all this, there is a way to SEO, this is the most trusted page, which is the first page, this page is liked by the most visitors.
If you want to reach here, then you will have to do SEO of your blog, which means that it will have to be optimized properly so that it can rank in the search engine this process is called SEO.

SEO is such a technique in today’s era by which we can get our blog or page ranked and somehow bring it to the search engine.

Everyone knows about the search engine that google is a search engine just like you Take yahoo or any other, all these are search engines and with the help of this SEO, we can bring our blog to the first number in the search engine.

The way you go to google and type a keyword, from which all the content matching that keyword comes, and google shows it, all this content are different blogs, which are being shown in the search result, in which the top most content is ranked on number 1, he is ranking because his SEO is well done, due to which the traffic of his visitor increases and as the visitor increases, that blog becomes famous and earns well.

SEO helps to bring our blog to number first and this is the art by which you see your website at the top of the search engine result, which brings more and more visitor traffic.

How to Do SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic Organically

You take one of your websites, and if you do not have a website, then you first create a website, on the same website, you put content and publish it first, because of this your visitors will not come, visitors will come only when you complete the SEO.

The Google search engine and all the other search engines have made such rules, the rules you follow are called SEO, and if you work with these rules, then you get traffic on your website.

The search engine that is used the most is google, which we all know because google shows all kinds of information very well in the search engine, and google itself organizes all the content in the index like searching content on google. So google puts that content in front on the basis of keywords only.

To do SEO on the website, you have to write good & Unique content, you have to design the content which looks good, and the title of the article you are writing should be different, such as a title that reads the public title, it is forced to read it completely.

Make good backlinks, which will help to bring up the rank in google, Internal linking is to give a link to another post of your own blog in your own blog post, then you will also have to do this, the important thing in this is that you give backlinks. It should be a similar post with the same content.

write Meta Tag, Description, and Site Loading Speed, google also wants that the website with fast loading speeds should remain ahead, so you should speed up your website as fast as you can and make it fast.

To do this, if you insert images, then insert them only after compressing them, this can give good speed to your website.

How to Increase Website Traffic Organically:

Increase Website Traffic Organically

You are also working on the website and making your blog, then the question will come to your mind that now how to bring traffic to the website and blog, to bring traffic to the website, you will have to work a little hard on your website and do it well.

You will have to set up after that give a good look to the blog you have and people who like to see it, then the visitors will come, then your blog and you will earn, the more traffic will come to your website and the more organic traffic will come to your blog. Your blog will rank fast, so the role of organic traffic is very important.

Now we will tell you the methods by which traffic can be increased:

  • 1. Write content that is not already there
  • 2. Always give correct information to users
  • 3. Always connected with users
  • 4. Put a blog by doing keyword research

1. Write content that is not already there: When you write a blog, you do not have to copy-paste it, write it in your own language as much as possible, this will make your website rank very quickly and will start appearing in Google’s search results.

2. Always give correct information to users: Whenever you write an article, always keep in mind that you should not use any fack lines, no one should give wrong information to the user. It reaches when he reads your article and he knows that he is giving wrong information, then that user is never going to come to your website, that is why I am telling you that you should not send any wrong information to the users.

3. Always connected with users: You should always be connected with your user, and know how to connect, if a user comments on you and asks, Sir, I do not understand this thing, then you will have to help him and answer that comment.

4. Put a blog by doing keyword research:

Some bloggers keep writing blogs without doing keyword research, traffic is not available on their website, this is the simple reason that google does not search the blog they wrote.
When you write a blog, then do check once about that topic, what people want, and whether people are searching for this topic or not.
If you feel that you will search for this topic more on google, then you must write that topic, if you work in this way, you will get so much traffic on your blog and website, you cannot even imagine.

Last Words:

As you read in this article, how can we get a website ranked on Google and can bring millions of traffic to our website, you just have to follow these steps properly and keep working hard, you will start seeing it only after that. it will happen so keep working
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What is a website?

A collection of many Webpages is called a website.

What is the Webpage?

Just as there are many pages in a book, similarly there are webpages in a website, it is called a webpage.

What is Content?

The way the website contains images, videos, audio, and text and all these things are called content(the blog you are reading is also content)

What is SEO?

Rank your blog in search engines, this process is called SEO.

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