Israel VS Hamas

Israel decided to stop fighting with each other for some time to fight against Hamas

Decided to work closely with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The cabinet was formed to briefly bring together all the different political groups in Israel, five days after Israel began fighting with Gaza.

A group of people from Gaza attacked and injured several other people and also took some people with them

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now has more time to deal with those who are angry at him for not handling the October 7 attack well.

The group of officials making decisions about wars made people feel more determined and secure.

There are many people in Israel whose loved ones are in danger because they are helping in Gaza.

Israelis stopped trusting their leaders because the government and intelligence made major mistakes on October 7.

Netanyahu's regular security cabinet is a group of people who usually make important decisions about the war.

In a country that needs so many people to protect it, it's really important for everyone to agree and work together.