India's Top 7 Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Soul! 

Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian sweet which you can find in every sweet shop in India.

NO.1 Gulab Jamun

This is the most famous sweet made in winter and it is most popular in North India.

NO.2 Gajar Ka Halwa

This is a disc shaped sweet made from milk and Rabri and it is a Rajasthani sweet.

NO.3 Ghevar

It is a juicy milk-based Indian sweet and is most popular in Kolkata.

NO.4 Rasgulla

This sweet is one of the most famous sweets of Mysore city which is located in Karnataka.

NO.5 Mysore Pak

This sweet is the king of Indian sweets. It is made from cashew nuts and is a very expensive sweet of India.

NO.6 Kaju Katli

These round shaped sweets are very juicy and tasty and can be found in every street of India.

NO.7 Jalebi