Can You Get Paid from Youtube Shorts 2023

if you are also a youtube shorts creator and you keep thinking that you can get paid for shorts and there is always a question in your mind, how and how to do it, then we have solved this problem. 

You are also a Youtuber and make shorts video, there is very good news for all shorts creators, now you can earn money because youtube has released a youtube short fund for short create, which will give you a chance to earn money as a bonus.

How to Get Paid from YouTube Short

Looking at the views of your shorts video every month, your views are coming well, then you will be informed through email and notification that your bonus is going to come, after that, you can get good payment from the youtube fund. 

How much Youtube pays for Youtube Short

The shorts bonus is paid through youtube to your channel’s AdSense account, for this you will need to follow their policies and you can get $100 to $10000 from the youtube fund. 

How Many Types of Youtube Shorts Channel

People and businesses can make short videos about anything on Youtube. These videos can be used to promote previews, tutorials, before and afters, mini vlogs, reviews, unboxings, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of upcoming events, products, albums, or songs 

How to viral Youtube short

Youtube has an algorithm that determines which videos go viral. To be successful you need to make good videos and upload them regularly. 

if you want to know everything about youtube shorts