5 Best Multimodal AI Tools

Google Gemini is like a super smart computer program that can understand and create various things like words, images, videos, computer instructions and sounds.

Google Gemini

ChatGPT with Vision, which is actually a smart computer program, can now understand both words and pictures. So, you can type something or show it a picture, and it will be able to understand and respond to you.

ChatGPT (GPT-4V)

Using inworld AI, developers can create imaginary people and characters for virtual worlds. These characters can be controlled by the computer and interacted with by players in the game.

Inworld AI

One notable feature of the open-source multimodal AI model Meta ImageBind is its ability to process movement, audio, visual, text, temperature, and depth input.

Meta ImageBind

Its text-to-video, image-to-video, and video-to-video feature lets users produce original video material based on text, picture, or video input.

Runway Gen-2

AI tools world changes, so it's good to stay updated for the latest and best tools for 2024.